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On the following pages I would like to give you as either pupils, students or teachers the opportunity to gain a

rough insight into what is called "The American Dream". A considerable number of texts and tasks will try to shed some light onto the development of this ideology whose roots can be traced back to Columbus' first voyage in 1493. The material presented is designed to be used as teaching material in foreign language and bilingual classrooms.

   Ever since the Puritans set foot on the shores of what today is called the United States of America the country has been filled with a never-ceasing feeling of freedom, liberty and hope. A dream was born and became known as "The American Dream". However, if we take a closer look at the following documents and their intention we will easily find the term incorrect: There is actually no such phenomenon as an American Dream for the term only contains idealistic perceptions of what foreigners and immigrants wanted and still want America to be.

   "The American Dream" represents quite a vast field of data which makes it hard to find the appropriate material for teaching and studying. By means of the following selection I would like to give you the opportunity to browse through the various resources, recreate them if wanted and make them suitable for your own purposes.

   The list of documents has been compiled in such a way that they cover a time span of more than 300 years.

Wishing you interesting and enriching moments of lecture


Mirco Mankel

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